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        Based in Huadu, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Weton Colour Printing Co.,Ltd is a company, whose comprehensive strength of packaging printing solution is ahead of the companies in this industry. We devoted ourselves to the design and printing of packaging in the field of cosmetics, electronics, medicines and gift boxes. The investment of our coporation amount to 120 million and the floor space of our corporate headquarter is 20,000 Square Meters.
            "Excellent Quality & Efficient Service".  We have professional teams of pre-press, printing, post-press and sales. Our workshops have 3 new Heidelberg printing machines, including CD102-8LX, CD102-6+L and SL75-10+L. Prepress machines includes Kodak CTP and Wangchang printing processing machine. Post-press machines includes ful-automatical screen printing machine, ful-automatical gilding machine, ful-automatical oil machine,  ful-automatical laminator, ful-automatical die cutting machine and ful-automatical sticky box machine and so on. Ful-automatical equipment and professional teams make us able to supply products with complicated craftwork for customers. In the meantime, ful-automatical equipment makes us saving the cost of producing, improving the efficiency, and guaranteeing the delivery time.
            Our company pays attention to the printing technology, anti-counterfeit technology, and the applying of new material. We lead the trend of packaging printing successfully and establish a strong corporate image among customers. Meanwhile, we create economic benefits for customers remarkably. Our corporation maintains ongoing cooperation with many international famous corporations, which are all over Asia, Europe, North America and South America.