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          About Weton Colour Printing
          Comprehensive strength of colour-printing packing
          solution is ahead of the companies in this industry
          serve more than 100 companies
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          About Weton Colour Printing
          Excellent Quality & Efficient Service

        Become the first brand of colour printing

        Our Mission: Transfuse vitality for customers by professional design team.Offer the best at the best price by consultants.Ensure your marketing progress by excellent quality and efficient service;

        Core Competitiveness: Integrate four links, “Brand Strategy”, “Conceptual Design”, “Process Research and Development” and “Producing and Service” validly;

        Core Values: Through win-win mode to gain sustainable development;

        Corporation Purpose: Create value for society, Create benefits for customers, Create opportunities for staff;

        Our Slogan: Excellent Quality & Efficient Service.

        Full-Automatical Equipments

        3 new Heidelberg machines,SL75-10+L,CD102-8LX and CD102-6+L

        Professional prepress,printing,post-press teams

        professional prepress,printing,post-press teams ensure to produce innovating,high quality,variegated products for our customers

        7*24h customer service

        we have a professional costomer service team,which can offer 7*24h service

        Welcome To Weton

        We have 3 new Heidelberg printing machines, including CD102-8LX,CD102-6+L and SL75-10+L. Pre-press machines includes Kodak CTP and Wangchang printing processing machine.Post-press machines includes automatical oil machine, automatical laminator, automatical screen printing machine, automatical gilding machine, automatical die cutting machine and so on.

        • We will keep a passion, young and kindly heart fever, and overcome the difficulties together.
        • We are eager for gaining respect and beautiful future through presenting with all respect sincerely.
        • WETON plans to become the No.1 brand in colour printing industry in ten years with high aspirations.

        Our company concentrates on technology research and development, anti-counterfeiting research and the applying of new material, that makes us become the leader of the printing industry successfully. We acquire honors from customers, and create economy benefit for customers in the meanwhile.